About Lee Hartman

The art of painting has been a lifetime discipline for Lee Hartman. Among the most acclaimed of her works are an extensive collection of portraits and richly textured landscapes, as well as a limited edition of collectors’ plates.

A native Califorian, Lee has spent most of her life in the Santa Monica, Malibu and San Jose areas of California. She arrived in San Jose in 1980 and has lived here ever since. Although Lee has painted since about age 7, when she won her first award, she did not decide to turn her painting into a full time career until she arrived in San Jose.

Lee is currently teaching various painting disciplines with a strong emphasis on portraits. She is much in demand by students of all ages. Included in this web site is a gallery of work created by her students.

"Art and painting can change your life. You see things, colors and shapes differently. You become more self confident, a better person. When you do a painting, it's part of your soul. When you put paint on a canvas it's just your brush, you and God"

Lee Hartman